High efficient Technique and Chi Sao training device.
Best training for each level. From the beginners to the very advanced.

The active counter pressure supports receiving and redirecting of the opponents force.
Promotes the build of the Wing Tsun / Jeet Kune Do specific muscles.


The counter pressure corresponds to the forces which occur in the real partner training.
Due to the high requirements, all springs are produced specifically for these devices.

Each TEC BOARD is made of high quality steel and best beech wood.
The strike pads are made from the strongest and highest quality synthetic leather.


The arms and the leg can be adjusted individually on the respective training.
Nearly every imaginable training situation can be simulated.

The device can be used in very small space.
Easy wall installation with the supplied mounting set.

The Training on the Tec Board is almost silently and therefore also perfectly suited for home use.

The Tec Board can be expanded with the " Chi Sao App Tec Board ".
So that in addition to the technical training will allows, a high sensitive, specific Chi Sao Training.

More informations see here:

Chi Sao App Tec Board - Budo Tec 



One " Tec Board Small " includes:

- 1 Basic Tec Board Small
- 3 Technique arms 40 cm / 1.6 Kg

Delivery including:

- Mounting set: Screws, dowel etc.
- Installation Instructions


Dim: Basic Tec Board Small :        95 cm x 40 cm x 6 cm
Weight :                                         28 Kg



Tec Board Small - BudoTec