High efficient Chi Sao training device for advanced.

Das CS App Wall is the best solution for practicer with own wall punch bag.

The training on the device promotes on a high degree the Chi Sao ability.
Best training for cleanly executed techniques, footwork, power full punch techniques
and the for that needed looseness.

Each Chi Sao App Wall is made of high quality steel and best beech wood.
Due to the high requirements, all springs are produced specifically for these devices.
The counter pressure corresponds to the forces which occur in the real Chi Sao partner training.

The arms are 50 cm long and slightly angled upwards. The result is an optimal starting position.

Three possible arm setting positions : Left, Center, Right

  Chi Sao App Wall - Budo Tec

      Chi Sao App Wall - Budo Tec       Chi Sao App Wall - Budo Tec

Easy wall installation with the supplied mounting set. The training on the Chi Sao Board is almost silently and therefore perfectly suited for home use.

One " CS App Wall " includes: 

- 1 Basic CS App Wall
- 2 Chi Sao Arms 50 cm / 1.8 kg

Delivery including:

- Mounting set: Screws, dowel etc.
- Installation Instruction

Dim: Basic CSAW :          40 cm x 17 cm x 8cm                   
Weight:                             7 Kg

Chi Sao App Tec Board - Budo Tec

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Chi Sao App Wall - Budo Tec